R.A.P.S. - Residents Against Polluting Stacks

Inquiry into the M5 East Ventilation Stack (2001)

NSW Legislative Council (Upper House) General Purpose Standing Committee No. 5

Day 2 Public Hearing, Thursday 03 May 2001

Various Videos from the Inquiry


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Large videos will be progressively be broken down into smaller chunks (the unedited longer versions have been uploaded to publish the information as early as possible).

RAPS (Inc.) - Residents Against Polluting Stacks

Dr Peter Best, Katestone Scientific

Dr Best is a Brisbane based air quality modeler.  Katestone Scientific have been called on to give advice on many aspects of pollution impacts, including small scale modelling of industrial air pollutants and in the investigation of the health impacts of pollution. He was commissioned by RAPS to give advice, independent of the RTA, on the likely impacts of pollution coming from the stack. It was his opinion that many of the likely impacts of pollutants had been underestimated.

Lane Cove Tunnel Action Group

Click for pictures comparing this lung of a Sydney city resident with a healthy rural resident...Professor Ray Kearney and June Hefferan.  June Hefferan speaking on the International Tunnel Ventilation Workshop 2000, and Professor Kearney speaking on health effects of unfiltered road tunnel emissions.

Howden Australia (in assoc with) Filtrontec Germany

Hans Anderl, CTA - Norway

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