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Cross City Tunnel - Air Quality;

M5 East air pollution problems

ABC Stateline

Friday 01 August 2003

ABC Stateline - Tunnel Vision. Tunnel Vision: Pollution problems experienced in the M5 tunnel prompt government to take new measures in building the Cross City Tunnel.

Particulate filtration debate.

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Mr Paul Forward, RTA CEO. Premier Bob Carr MP (centre) and Hon Carl Scully (right), inpecting Cross City Tunnel construction. Ms Narelle Thirkettle, Air Quality Activist.  Dr Ray Kearney, Lane Cove Tunnel Action Group. Dr Ray Kearney holding a picture of a lung. L-R: Quentin Dempster, Dr Ray Kearney and Ms Narelle Thirkettle. Darling Harbour - Sydney CBD skyline.  Imax Theatre.

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